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Digital Sacrifice

Have you ever wondered loosing yourself into the wonder post of others? Didn’t get me ? Well, I am here to post and show off my glimpse of sacrifice I made on this digitalized moments of each other.

If you have followed my previous post of this blog you must have learn about me that I am more of a psychological observer than philosopher. Making myself proud? Na (No). Knocking to the main points, the post focuses on the digital sacrifice is that how living far away or limited use of technology can make your 24 hours into 48hours (Don’t take it serious, I meant getting much time for other activities).

So what I did that changed my conclusion from a technology freak to reader and believer of myself. When I translated my work habits from simple to complex, I observed that banging my mind to focus on studying creates a more buzz rather than when I casually study.

When you deactivate or minimise the use of your online viewing contents of fun is that YouTube, Facebook and Instagram , if you are really focused on studying your level up or scrolling into the atmosphere of finishing more task in a day than procrastinating.

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Online destruction creates advertisement , and advertisement creates money where you are the product in this online world. The more you socialise yourself the far you go away from the real surroundings. So “Think wise , Think Twice” before the second part of this post comes.

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  1. Great piece and I am here to support you 💪😀

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