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Have you heard this word/sound before? If you are an Indian then you are likely to and if you are accustomed to Indian culture then you will definitely do. No, I am not creating a religious disharmony, this post is all about “Focus”.

Om is a sacred sound and it creates more sense when I speak that during meditation if you chant this then your alertness,consciousness, FOCUS and concentration gonna increase in 2x times.

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So what does Wikipedia say about this , let me quote

“As a syllable, it is often chanted either independently or before a spiritual recitation. Meditating and chanting of Om can be done by first concentrating on a picture of Om and then effortlessly mentally chanting the mantra. Meditating and mental chanting have been said to improve the physiological state of the person by increasing alertness and sensory sensitivity.”

You learned everything about the sound of alertness or getting more alert and focussed. So how does it related to focus?

If you are meditating , imagining, concentrating on a single point of object , then it increases your concentration and thus concentration increases focus. Everything will get blurred if you try to focus on your camera lens, same thing happens in our brain . It increases our ability to reduce our destruction by 2x times and increase our ability to focus by 2x times.

Next time when you loose your confidence and say, i am unable to take decision, in stress or solve complex problems then sit silently, take deep breathe and try to meditate, and things will gradually be in your hand.

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