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Live Time

Hi bloggers so here I am with a new article related with the Time factor.

We must have experienced whatever we try , however we try, to achieve success for certain target or goal then we see we are not succeeding. The reason for this is consistency and hardwork. Now you say you have did the both. Well if you have come to my blog then you will not find such simple explanation. I would like to say you the reason here we miss is time and luck. If their is 99% hardwork and consistency then their is 1% luck.

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Now some people rely on luck more or some rely on being hardworking. The most needed here is balance between the both. But how to do that? So here I would like to apply my study theory mind, where I did MBA on hr and the most popular factor related to human resource management is “planning” things ahead of you. So plan ahead your outcome if you succeed. In short manifestation. So live on time ahead of you and believe in yourself then you will see the universe is with you in favour of law of attraction.


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