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Self Realisation

I am sorry bloggers for a long gap and posting my first post in this year. I was defeated, I was thinking, I decided, I applied.

So what’s that basically means, what I was upto, where I was? What I was doing. Well, I am giving answers to every unanswered questions.

Last year I was puzzled deciding my career in the field with go with the flow. But later I found that I am reaching nowhere, nowhere to the bottom, nowhere to the edge. I gave myself a break , a break from everything and I began to feel unwell. However resting gave my mind advice that focus on one thing rather than keeping the feet on the multiple boats. I am still on the break, resting , and slowly going in the pace of tortoise. I don’t know where I will reach eventually but wherever I will reach, I will settle, settle with the one focus of my career.

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I feel I should realise the actual truth that failures are to be accepted but at one point of time you should know what it is that causing failure so that you can succeed or else you will keep hoping fake aim.

Let me see well this self actualization works or not. “ONE FOCUS, ONE AIM, ONE MEN.”

Keeping myself ready is worth made my blogging alive again.


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